Away from homeland

Yesterday I went to see a movie with my parents : Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang . I won’t talk about the editing in this post, which could have been done much better to visualise the message of the movie, in my opinion. Are you missing home my friends? I’m asking those of you, who is … More Away from homeland

Prejudism and tolerance … Sometimes it’s hard to change one’s mindset

A healthy discussion is quite rare nowadays. People get to 180 degree so fast and then they start to shut down all logic thinking and insist on their own opinion. I encounter this quite a bit and sometimes I get upset with why people can be so narrow minded. < p style=”text-align:justify;”>It’s upsetting to see … More Prejudism and tolerance … Sometimes it’s hard to change one’s mindset

TẾT prelude

Tết festival; the lunar new year, a huge celebration in Vietnam and in other asian countries falling on the 27/28. January this year; a time where people are busy cleaning houses, steaming rice cakes, making sugar coated fruit candies, getting a new hairstyle, sewing new clothes, buying presents – many presents. Strangely, I do not … More TẾT prelude


The numbers I see in my bank account are just numbers… there is no safe with my hard earn money in there… the bank is evil and so is the financial system… We work like slaves thinking we have a good life, when actually we are feeding a small percentage of elite, who controls the … More $€£¥

‘Well written’

Some might have heard me swooning over the book of Meike Winnemuth “Das grosse Los/Now or Never“. I flew through the pages again and noted down several things that were well said/written to me. Maybe you’d feel the same way 🙂 As the book was written in German, this will be a brief translation. Might not be literal … More ‘Well written’