Prejudism and tolerance … Sometimes it’s hard to change one’s mindset

A healthy discussion is quite rare nowadays. People get to 180 degree so fast and then they start to shut down all logic thinking and insist on their own opinion. I encounter this quite a bit and sometimes I get upset with why people can be so narrow minded.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>It’s upsetting to see how someone can be “oh so open” about situations when it is not directly affecting them.
Let’s say homosexual relationships… if the neighbour’s child is homosexual… that person doesn’t mind.. but if the own child would be… “oh no no .. that is prohibited” .. deh heck.. what do you want to prohibit? If you can be open to other’s choice, why not to your own child’s choice?
Let’s say the neighbour’s daughter married someone from a certain ethnicity you do not agree with.. you don’t care.. but when your child express the possibility to do so as well… “oh no way. Don’t you dare” .. deh heck.. why?

I once thought people are ignorant or having prejudice, because they lack knowledge, but that is not the case.. prejudice is not related to intellect nor life experience and neither is racism.

We are humans, we have a logical part and an emotional part inside us.. and often enough the emotional part is taking over. Someone can be travelling around the world, can learn about different cultures, can have many many friends, can be very social and more, but everyone has prejudism inside them.

I do believe by being exposed to various situations, by being involved with many different cultures and type of people.. one does develop higher acceptance. Let’s say a person having lots of homosexual or black friends will have a total different understanding and/or view than someone who never had such friends. But then again tolerance and/or acceptance is shaped by experiences as well. For example, an encounter with certain people from an ethnicity was not a pleasant one.. and that kind of encounter happened again and again.. naturally that person will shape an opinion about that ethnic group, despite the person has only met a very small percentage of that ethnicity.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>That person would probably be stamped “racist” “prejudist” etc…  but we often look at others yet not at ourselves. We all tend to put someone in a box, though the differences lies in our behaviour and expression.
You might dislike that person, that ethnicity, that country .. whatever, but you do not have to show it to them. You can still talk to them normally, can still be colleagues and more but keep your opinion to yourself. More importantly, though, be open! The bad encounter was unlucky… there are so many kind of people in one group though… give the new person you encounter a chance ! Of course first impression shapes deeply, but what are we? Why are we the most intelligent species on earth? Because we have a logical thinking and because we can be rational. So be it! You don’t have to hug everybody and love everybody, but give them a chance first before putting them in the “not-my-cup-of-tea”-box.

My dad said.. people want to be tolerant, but often enough their mindset is so deeply shaped… it’s hard to change.

By no means I want to offend anyone. Nobody is perfect, neither am I. When having judgmental thinking I try to look back at myself asking.. was your behaviour and judgment correct or could you have done better? Wouldn’t you mind doing the same?

PS: examples given here are purely examples and were not meant to attack certain group nor ignore other minorities!

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