Dramatic start… Awesome holiday: RIGA

Riga was a spontaneous idea my bff and me shared after our Dublin trip failed. Btw, why the heck is it so expensive to fly to Ireland from Berlin? Whyyy????

Anyway, we were already in this let’s-travel-mode, that we had to book a flight! Somewhere outside of Germany: Riga, Latvia.

She booked the flight and I checked in a couple of days in advance; just to have everything ready. Awesome airbnb flat done deal as well… . Arrived early at the airport just to realise my friend’s boarding code was not working. She was asked to stay back and they would solve after everyone entered the boarding area. Fine fine we had time, no worries, right? Oh well, apparently her code didn’t work because she was not checked-in. How could she have a boarding card, if she wasn’t checked-in, sir?! The man freaked out since he has to close the gate, so he insisted her to leave the boarding area. After a long discussion of late check-in is not possible anymore and she has to leave, and he doesn’t know anything, and again she is not checked-in, and I have to get into the plane or checked-out “now”… Two other women joint the discussion. The airline called down saying late check-in cost 65€, but since it’s too late we are not allowed to do that. WTH

Apparently the problem started like this: my friend wrote my name wrong; I checked her in before realising that; contacted the airline customer service and requested a correction; the person corrected my name AND checked my friend out without notifying us. Great! Hum?! So guys, if you ever come across the same issue, please re-check your check-in status to avoid problems at the airport!

So there we are not knowing what to do; she almost cried yelling she doesn’t care, she will enter the plane no matter what and they can deal with their incompetence themselves. Just open the damn gate and check her in, since she arrived early but got “late” due to the waiting. “We are in the EU, what’s the problem? People still haven’t entered the airplane completely!” It’s funny in retrospect, wasn’t funny at the time, really. They then threatened us with deporting from the airport, we threatened them with a lawyer. Things went on for a couple of minutes and could’ve ended badly, IF the airline didn’t contact the boarding gate to inform they checked my friend in, so we are good to go and have a good flight.

Such a dramatic start! Maybe that affected our holiday in general, as things could only get better after such experience. We LOVE Riga.

The weather was exceptionally sunny, the food was delicious, the people friendly, the black coffee at “the rocket bean roastery” TOP!

Some random pictures for now, more will follow later…


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