Das grosse LOS – Now or Never

NOW or NEVER is a thought we all had at least once in our life. Which way we decide will shape our life in different ways, of course. I, for myself, know I’ve been choosing the “not-now” version way too often. Though the heart screams “do it, do it” the mind always find reasons not to. Why? Why? Why am I so afraid to shut down the brain for once and listen to my guts feeling?

This year I decided to be more brave, to think a bit less, to do a bit more. This book was given to me at the right time in life, I believe so! No, I’m sure of it!

“Das Grosse Los” by Meike Winnemuth was a present I received Christmas 2015. My God-mother thought it fits with my travel-addiction and she hits the bull’s-eye with this book. Not only did it satisfy me to read about Meike’s experience to live in a completely foreign place, but indirectly this book is helping me to be more brave in regards of my own future plans.

Unfortunately, this great read is only published in German, so is her blog. I doubt she will publish this in english, but incase you find it feel free to let me know!

Meike, youthfully 50 years, won 500.000 € at the German TV show “Who will be millionaire?” and decided to live a life many, including me, are dreaming of. She traveled 12 cities in one whole year: Sydney, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Addis Abeba and Havanna (read a review in english here)The book was written in the style of letters to family, friends, acquaintances and to herself. After each destination she made a list of 10 things she learned at that particular place. It’s a pleasure to read and have a brief view of how it would be to actually live there for a whole month.

My personal opinion on this book: 10/10

I would will totally read it again, just because it is so simple written yet catchy.

Maybe the book catches me well, since I recently spent 3 weeks in Oxford myself. Although I stayed at my sister’s place, but I had feeling of being a resident, not a tourist. You truly do other things than just running from one sightseeing place to another one; you observe the city differently; the whole experience is just bizarre, it’s hard to describe. I’m lucky enough to spent 3 months in Kenya and that experience did shape me lots. So I can totally imagine how all those countries she visited changed her view of life, her list of values, her personality. Of course everyone feels differently, yet I felt the same way as Meike and that alone satisfied me to read her travel.

Meike Winnemuth could have afford this journey even without the won 500.000 €, she could’ve just packed her small luggage long time ago and travel the world, since she work as a writer, so she is free to decide from where to write her articles. All she need is her laptop and a functioning internet. Most of the people are pretty much stuck in their work-life, they are happy enough to spend 1 month of holiday in one go. I’ve heard some employer don’t even appreciate such long absence. I for myself currently have the time, not the money though. Right, you won’t need much money during the travel… you say. But the flat at home, the fixed living costs are still need to be paid. Canceling everything to just travel for 1 year around the world is a risk I’m still afraid to take. Maybe one day, I am brave enough to do that step, maybe.

Let me re-read the book and I’ll recite some great quotes from her book in German with a brief english translation next time. Hope they’ll make sense 😉

Since we only live once, let’s live life to the fullest!


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