Tuebingen’s quietness

Berliners usually associate Swabians and Baden-Wuerttembergers to be very neat and particular. There are quite a number of prejudices against people from that region, that I do not want to mention here. However, their neatness, that I do agree to :-).

A previous colleagues of mine once said I do not fit to live in Tuebingen, and thus I agreed to accompany two friends to Tuebingen. To just satisfy my curiosity and to prove her wrong, or not.

We took the night bus going for 12 hours from Berlin to Tuebingen. The travel was exhausting, maybe I got older, but it was not comfortable to sleep at all. The ride took forever passing beautiful cities such as Dresden, Nuremberg and weird ones like Stuttgart. Ok, I’ve not spent time in Stuttgart, so my judgement might be wrong, however just based on the buildings, the constructions, the vibe… I do not think Stuttgart is on my to-visit-list. Proof me wrong, will you?

Tuebingen is cute. It reminds me of most German’s little cities. There is the central place with a fountain and the church or city hall. Everything else evolve around this core/old-town center, the further you go away the uglier the buildings. However, I didn’t see ugly buildings in Tuebingen. The old timber-framed houses were beautiful! Some of them have amazing flower decoration, some are just so old I kept wondering how long they will last.

Although it was weekend, the city was very quiet, not flooded with tourist and people. Ok the weather was not the best to be on the streets, but the quietness was like a veil covering the whole city, we didn’t dare to speak loudly. The quietness was not uncomfortable at all though! It rather aspired an enjoying-life-and-the-moment-lifestyle. Everyone purely enjoyed the walk through hilly Tuebingen; walking through forest-like pathways while resting their mind; wandering up hill to the castle and enjoy the view over the city.

What left a good impression on me were the cute gardens in front/surrounding each buildings. Even though it’s public property, people cared so much! They plant various flowers, water and trim the plants well and make sure it looks neat and pretty! It was a pleasure walking along the streets and feel the love they put into their “front yard”.

Another thing I realised was: Tuebingen has clean streets! I did not encounter dog poo nor rubbish or dirty alleys. OR maybe I was just in the clean part of town 🙂

Having grown up in Berlin, I do believe Tuebingen would not be THE city I would live in for a long time, but definitely one I would gladly visit again.


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