Why now ?

The thought of writing a diary or a blog has appeared to me at least six months ago, but somehow I never managed to actually sit and write down my thoughts or share my experiences.

So why now? Why not six months earlier?

It’s rather simple: because just now I have the feeling there’s gonna be a real change in my life and, in addition, my mind is calm enough to do so. Writing a blog is an idea I planted after visiting a motivation seminar, but where to start; what to write; what can I share to the public? Those were just some out of many questions I had. It took time to create a vision and much more time to tell myself :”just do it”.

With a much more clear vision and mind I decided today shall be the first day. Let’s just see it as I’m sharing part of my soul, my memories, my journey and personal development, and a way to clear my complex mind at times.


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